Can You Customize Privacy Settings in FM WhatsApp?

There are also varied privacy settings of FM WhatsApp which enables you to keep your activity within the app either hidden or totally locked. this article is specially crafted on factors like privacy settings which you can tweak through fm whatsapp.

Privacy Features Overview

The customisability of privacy options in FM WhatsApp makes user control of their messaging experience superior to official client routes. These features include:

Freeze Last Seen : This feature allows users to hide their latest last seen from others, to keep them in the dark about their activity.

When you disable forwarded, it lets users send messages without a "Forwarded" extension, I hope this can help sharing more confidential news.

Who Can Call Me? : FM WhatsApp allows you to enable certain restrictions for who calls you Everyone, only contacts, select people, no one.

MS81169: Hide View Status -This feature allows someone to see everyone s status updates without showing that they have seen the others, giving them a socially anonymous experience.

Advanced Privacy Settings

FM WhatsApp has basic settings and advanced privacy selections at the top that is not available in the regular version of WhatsApp.

Anti delete messages- Users can view the deleted messages of others, so they do not miss out on any information even if someone tries to take it back.

Anti-Delete Status: This lets users see status updates, even if the poster has deleted them, something that comes in handy for catching up with real-time information.

Customization and Security

Such features on the side of customize would definitely make the security within FM WhatsApp more reliable, hence it adds on to user trust as well.

Add custom privacy to Contacts: No need to interact with everyone in the same way, set different Privacy levels for each Contact.

Chat Password Protection: Users can lock their chats with chat protection and the most crucial messages will be secured from unwanted access.

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