What Universities Are Located in Shanghai?

An Educational Mecca

China's top city and financial capital, Shanghai is home to one of the richest concentrations of universities in the country. As one of the leading universities in Asia, students have ample of options to choose from. And so, we will look into some of the key varsities in the city which pull the top erstwhile to study here.

Firmly in control at Fudan

Fudan University is an old university, established in the year 1905. NPU is based in Shanghai and serves an estimated 31,000 students from four campuses. Fudan University (Arts, Science, Engineering)Fudan has one of the highest academic rankings in China, excelling in both arts and sciences, Fudan also works with incredible global institutions that have continued to globally rank it above most of it's international institutions.

Master's Student @ Shanghai Jiao Tong University | Engineering and Beyond

Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) was founded in 1896 as a premier institute as well. It houses about 42,000 students and is most known for its programs in engineering. SJTU has shown its great contribution to researches in applied sciences worldwide, showing its strength in education and innovation.

Tongji University: Leading the Way in Sustainability

More Review Book This Urban Thinkers Campus took place in Tongji University, a key institution in engineering, architecture and environmental sciences - domains that are core to those engaged with sustainable development. Noted for taking some 35,000 students onto its demanding programs, Tongji has become something of a national habit - a place that seems to be visited by almost every keen student of civil engineering or architecture.

East China Normal University: Topteacher Educator

One of the most important universities for teachers in East China Normal University. It has a wide spectrum of students as it serves over 30,000 students and provides a wide array of programs in education, science, literature and more. The university is also one of the leading in the research of education and psychology.

Shanghai University Is a Diverse and Inclusive Campus

Shanghai University is a relatively young institution but one which is both very ambitious and very multidisciplinary. This is particularly attractive to the overseas students with friendly policies and programs aimed at molding global outlooks.


But of course, these universities are only a small part of Shanghai's higher education scene. Combined, they offer a stunning spectrum of global educational experiences that remain unmatched anywhere in the world. Be sure to check these universities in shanghai to further investigate your educational options.

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